StyleCheck's Philosophy

Ateliers Create Fashion - Your Style Brings it to Life

At StyleCheck we believe that, style isn’t defined by fashion - it’s merely shaped by it. Our style is personal. It exists in synch as both a statement and a manifestation of who we are. A universal language understood by the world round, yet wholly unique in individual interpretation. Embarking on a journey of discovery and a celebration of style is where we begin our story.

Discovery of a Signature Style

It all starts with a question of style. Is a specific trend still in season? Does this silhouette suit my body type? Is my outfit acceptable for a special occasion? Fussing over the finer details leads to dressing room disasters and frustrating fashion faux pas. Such moments call for a second opinion. Fortunately, our crowdstyling platform provides just that - style check in form of either an agreeable affirmation or a cue calling for a change.

Celebration of a Style Story

Sharing of sponsored looks and style through social media is the status quo. Your favorite fashion enthusiasts spread the word through editorial and inspirational expositions. However, we believe that the authenticity of style is sparked by consumers who add a personal spin to their purchases. Whichever your personal style may be (classic, edgy, eclectic, vintage, pop, minimalistic or understated), each has a story to tell and a reason for celebration.

How StyleCheck Works

We’ve set our sights on revolutionizing the world of personal styling. As the first of it’s kind, we’re pioneering a distinctive community-driven crowd-styling platform to guide users into discovering their personal style and avoiding fashion follies along the way.


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We are troll-free and baggage-free!

We believe in genuine opinions and want to cultivate amicable social media culture. We want crowdstylists' viewpoint to be unbiased of the looks' source and popularity (or lack there of). Therefore on crowdstylists' view of stylecards, we only display the stylenotes and tags, without revealing stylecard's owner name and number of votes the look has garnered so far.

Along with fostering positive social media behavior, we also want to be a vanguard of leaner platforms. As a seeker of stylecheck, the moment you will upload a new look, your previous look will be removed from your stylecard and from crowdstylists' voting feed. We do curate your most and least looks and will soon be providing a premium subscription based feature to let you self curate your lookbooks!

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